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O companie din Australia a dezvoltat un motor electric compact de 1.340 CP

Este vorba de o motorizare extrem de compacta destinata masinilor de drag race care ofera din start o putere maxima de 1.340 CP. Constructorul spune ca motorul este atat de mic incat se pot alatura 10 astfel de motorizari pentru a dezvolta o putere maxima de peste 13.000 de CP.

Momentan doar o singura motorizare ofera peste 1.300 CP si deja a fost testata impreuna pe circuit!

  • Fully ELECTRIC & Solar-SuperCharged
    • ~ 5,000 HorsePower = > 3.6 MegaWatts
    • > 612 km/h – that’s half the Speed of Sound!
    • + 7.3 G’s peak (Acceration)
    • – 6.2 G’s peak (Braking)

  • Drag Racing Track with Surface Preparation:

  • • 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 0.8 sec
    • 0 to 440 km/h (275 mph) in 2.9 sec
    • 0 to 530 km/h (330 mph) in 3.7 sec

Ultra-High-Power Electric Driveline

Bespoke motor, drive components, and systems; engineered by Top EV Racing and our technology partners, will see to the task of putting more than 3,600 kiloWatts of electrical power down to the racetrack, both safely and repeatably

Fast Solar-SuperCharging

Our dedicated racecar transporter has 6 kiloWatts of photovoltaic panels and complementary power systems which charge our custom 100 kiloWatt-hours of Li-ion battery storage array, which we then use to fast-charge the racecar’s on-board energy storage packs.

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