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Peugeot Partner are sistemul Grip Control

Acest sistem revolutionar care utilizeaza un diferential fata inteligent a fost vazut pentru prima data pe modelule 3008 dar si pe Citroen-ul C5. Modelul care dispune de acest sistem este echipat cu un motor diesel Hdi de 1.6 litri si 90 CP, iar trenul de rulare este echipat cu anvelope cu dimensiunea 195/70 R15. Pentru piata din Marea Britanie Peugeot ofera acest sistem ca optionala si costa fara TVA 750 euo. Descriere Grip Control Engleza: Standard mode, where the ESPis calibrated for a low level of wheel slip based on the different grip levels found on normal road surfaces.

Snow mode adapts the calibration of the system to provide the best traction for each of the front wheels when the van is pulling away. As the van increases speed, the system optimises the traction control to guarantee the best possible acceleration according to the existing grip conditions. It returns to Standard mode when a speed in excess of 31 mph is detected. All-terrain mode (mud, dirt track, wet grass, etc),allows a high level of slip on the least stable wheel when pulling away to remove excess mud and improve grip. At the same time, the wheel with the strongest grip level is given as much torque as possible. The torque offset between the front wheels can be as much as 100 %, well above the limits achievable by a mechanical limited slip differential (LSD).

As the van gains speed, the system optimises wheel slip to give the driver the best possible control over the vehicle. This mode is active up to a speed of 50 mph. Sand mode allows slight wheel slip on both drive wheels simultaneously to allow the van to make headway and reduce the risk of getting stuck in the sand. Here again, the control provided by this mode is superior to that of a limited slip differential (LSD). In this mode, Standard mode is reconnected automatically above a speed of 75 mph. ESP Off mode allows the possibility of disconnecting the dynamic stability control (ESP) and Grip Control up to a speed of 31 mph, giving full control back to the driver. Above this speed, “ESP Standard” mode is reconnected automatically.

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