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Nu cumparati de la Opel/Chevrolet DI-BAS II ! Service Di Bas, atitudine, comportament, reparatii, piese, preturi, calitatea muncii NERECOMANDABIL

Numele dealerului este Opel Di-Bas iar situatiile in care sunt pusi clientii sai devin cu adevarat enervnte. Cine are un Opel in Romania si in special in Bucuresti stie clar ca daca merge cu masina la dealerul DI BAS masina va avea de suferit. Conform mentalitatii marilor producatori auto din Europa, si aici ne referim efident la Opel, clientul este stapanul nu invers.

In Germania exista o lege nescrisa care permite clientului sa vina in orice showroom Opel sa-si repare masina sa bea o cafea si sa primeasca de fiecare data un mic discuont. Se pare ca in Romania acest lucur nu se aplica si in special la dealeri de teapa celor de la DI BAS. Asadar sfatul nostru este simplu: Nu cumparati de la DI BAS!

Incercati la GTT sau Radacini sau chiar si mai bine de la dealerii Opel din Ungaria sau Austria. Acolo cu siguranta respectul pluteste in aer si culmea factura de reparatie este chiar mai mica! Mai jos puteti sa cititi o plangere a unei doamne din Bucuresti adresata Opel Germania. Dealerul in cauza este aceelasi Opel DI-BAS. Opel DiBas – Bucharest, Romania / Opel Astra Classic Posted: 2007-08-02 by Cristina-Mihaela Tudor [send email] Greatest disappointment Complaint Rating: Hello, I had serious doubts in writing to you… I’m not sure if anyone is interested, but I believe that you should be interested about the Opel image in my country – Romania. It all started in may 2005 when I decided it was time to buy my first car… I went to the bank, I contracted a loan, I went to an Opel dealer and I was charmed by an Opel Astra Classic 1.6V Twinport. I was told that I should wait for three months in order for my car to be delivered… I was too excited about the car to say that I wouldn’t wait. The three months passed and in august 2007 I was called to go and pick up my car. I didn’t know that I shouldn’t accept the car if there was a scratch on the Air Conditioning Console… as I said, I wanted to leave from the dealer in my car… Everything was great till I drove up to 3.000 KM, when I felt that the car was not acting normal… I went to the Opel service where, to my surprise, the car had serious trouble and they had to change the shock absorber (damper) from the back-side of the car. When the car had 8.000 KM I had trouble starting it and I had to go again to the service where they changed the electromotor. Till now I had other problems too as: a button related to the electrical mirrors jumped out, the rear windshield cleaner stopped working, and a few days ago I had the best one yet: I couldn’t start my car because the key didn’t want to rotate… so, I had to call the service to jump-start my car to drive it to the service where they told me that the key lock is broken. After all of these I feel the need to sell my car because it cased me only trouble since I bought it – i’m still paying at the bank loan – and it gave me no satisfaction driving it… Now, as I look back I realize that I had great expectations form Opel and all it gave me was great disappointment. With sincere regrets, A former Opel customer P.S. The Opel dealer and service is Opel DiBas – Bucharest, Romania Link-ul plangerii este urmatorul:–bucharest-romania-opel-astra-classic-c19247.html Cine nu este cunvins sa dea un search pe Google despre acest dealer sau sa vizioneze imaginile de mai jos.

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